This company was created out of a simple idea of wanting more options for our golf apparel. We were tired of only seeing white gloves and loved the thought of wearing gloves that could match our shirts, hats, or pants. We figured we weren't the only golfers who might feel this way, and so BenderGloves was born!

We want you to look your best while you play your best. Our custom colored golf gloves do just that. We spent several months designing the perfect combination of performance, comfort, and style...and then we added color! You can wear BenderGloves to match your outfit, golf bag, or just to stand out on the course!

We developed a concept that was both bold and different. It was aimed at golfers who were looking for gloves with some uniqueness and a bit of attitude! There simply wasn't anything that resembled "cool" when it came to golf gloves, just package after package of the traditional white color with an occasional black thrown in the mix. We took it upon ourselves to shake up the golf world by creating our colored golf glove line. Since BenderGloves first launched, it has grown from a local craze to a global company. Golfers from all 50 states and 10 different countries now golf in style with our colored golf gloves. 

Our colored golf gloves can be an extension of your personality adding fun and style to each swing. This leaves only one question...what color are you?